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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Once again Christmas is taking place and we all know that the year is soon to end and a new one to start. This is the time when most of us are letting the year pass

Meizu M5 - Where is the M4?

Surpisingly Meizu unveiled a new device again. But instead of following a proper number system, Meizu decided to create a new series. The "M" one, but not the M4 as you would expect. Its the M5.

Meizu Pro 6s - Rumors destroyed

Meizu Pro 6s Its been a time since our last post, however until then nothing really spectacular happened and due to the Chinese National Holidays Meizu wasn't working anyway. Not even a week has passed and there are new

New devices announced - again!

Around 2 weeks ago, the M3E was launched. However, it seems to be time for new devices – again!

In a post on the official chinese Meizu forums there were 3 models announced.


The U-Series

Not much