5 inch Meizu m1 launching on January 19?

Meizu m1 19 January rumor

Judging by recent posts on Meizu’s official WeiBo account, Meizu will be announcing something on January 19. There have been leaks of a smaller device similar to the m1 note before, meaning that the chances are high that Meizu will be launching the m1 on this date. According to these leaks, the device will have a 5 inch screen and it’s supposed to be 140mm high and 70.8mm wide. The m1 shares the same unibody design with the m1 note as can be seen in the picture found below. Chinese press is speculating about a price of 699RMB (€100, 115USD), but they’re also saying the launch could be about smart home appliances or the long-awaited Meizu Ubuntu phone.

Meizu m1 leak