100.000 visitors a month – some facts about Meizufans


As we analyzed our log files today, we found out that we broke more than 100.000 visitors a month.
We want to thank you all for making this happen and also underline how happy we are to have such a great community.
100.000 visitors have been a long awaited dream for us, which we never though happen.
Due to this milestone we would like to present you a few interesting facts about Meizufans.

Compared to last month the traffic has increased more than 80% (60.000 visitors), again compared to the beginning of this year the traffic has increased about more than 1000%.
Our start budget was higher than the current one, but did not delivered the same performance.
Today we perform Meizufans for the price of one beer crate, host CO² neutral and deliver almost the same performance worldwide. Our longest downtime was 3 days, 10h and 57 minutes.
It was caused by a hard drive, which exploded (RAID needed a resetup).
Therefor our new backend is based on a RAID 5 SSD, delivering 2GB/s R & W. All in all we deliver monthly more than 15TB files a month.
100GB traffic comes alone from our website (not download servers).
So far we have 683 members, 6,698 posts and 816 threads. Per day we get in average 1.59 new member, 15.62 new posts and 1.9 new threads.
Next to Meizufans we also run Vivoforums and Nubiaforums. Vivoforums started at the 1st March and has 45.000 visitors. Nubiaforums started around 2 weeks ago and already has 5.000 visitors. From this point Nubiaforums might be even more successful than Meizufans. However, it is still a long way for both forums.

Our next goals are 250.000 visitors and 1000 members.
Thanks to all of you for bringing us so far.