Meizu Pro 7 & Pro 7 Plus unveiled

Here we go with a new device! Meizu official presented their new flagship models to the public today, designed by the Silicon Valley based studio “frog design”.
As previously rumored the Pro 7 features two Super AMOLED displays. Depending on …

Meizu – A never ending game

Meizu HQ

Round about 2 years ago Meizufans split from Meizu. I remember the beef and the critics on both sides. Meizu’s and mine. People called Meizufans a hate blog. We weren’t “Meizufans”, but rather “Meizuhaters”. However, instead of pursuing my personal …

New rumors about Qualcomm appeared!

Meizu Qualcomm

Remember when Qualcomm sued Meizu? Seems like there is an update on this, but one with an unexpected turning point. According to a post on DigiTimes, it seems like Meizu and Qualcomm agreed on a deal. As Oppo and Vivo …

Meet Meizu at the MWC today!

Surprise, surprise!
For the first time ever Meizu will have its own stand at the MWC in Barcelona.
In the last years Meizu was only present with partners, but never on their own. Something which is supposed to change at …

Meizu caught faking benchmarks

Pro 6 Plus fake

More than one month has passed by, since we wrote anything. Of course, some might dislike our inactivity, however due to exams and Chinese New Year there wasn’t much to report anyway – until now.

Around 5 days ago, first …